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We conduct an initial review of your project, offering custom recommendations and estimates FREE of charge.
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Choosing The Right Partner Is Essential

Selecting a reliable software development partner is crucial, since software engineering is a major investment, and the consequences of a project failure result in significant losses of both time and money.

To let you assess our level of expertise, we conduct an initial analysis of your project, providing tailored advice and estimates for free.

90% of our prospective clients choose to collaborate with us upon reviewing the results of our analysis. Many of these clients have continued working with us for several years.

Services We Provide

Software Engineering Services

We adopt an engineering approach for the design and development of software systems.
  • Distributed and Client-Server Systems
  • AI, Algorithm Research and AI Development
  • Complex Web UI Development
  • Performance Testing

IT Consulting

We share our expertise to contribute to your success.
  • Expert Software Architecture Review for Complex Distributed Systems

  • Reducing IT Infrastructure Costs
  • Setting Up and Improving CI/CD Pipelines with Various Tools
  • Other Services from Experienced Software Architects and Mathematicians

Case Studies

Client Testimonials

I was impressed with the quality of SCD Company's developers.
Marcel Wyser
Owner, eVantage Gmbh
Zurich, Switzerland
The quality of work has been consistently good.
Eric Schwab
CEO, Software Company
Los Angeles, California
I truly have never worked with a software development team that's more reliable than SCD Company.
Oliver Thiemann
Project Manager, Offshore Development Network GmbH
Flensburg, Germany

We’re most impressed with SCD Company’s dedication and knowledge in their field.

Alex Myasnikov

Founder & CTO, Educational Software Company

Hoboken, New Jersey

About Us

Who We Are and What We Do
We are a professional software engineering team capable of developing complex software products, equipped with knowledge across an extensive range of technologies.
Our main office resides in Dubai, UAE. All our specialists have university degrees in Information Technology or Applied Mathematics. Everyone can communicate in English.

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