Software Engineering Services

We adopt an engineering approach for the design and development of software systems.

Distributed And Client-Server Systems

  • For more than 20 years, we have been developing both complex distributed systems with high demands for load, performance, and resilience, as well as relatively simple client-server applications.
  • We have the expertise to choose the architecture that aligns with the project’s goals and scale. We make systems observable, configure monitoring, establish CI/CD processes for automated deployment.
  • We are proficient in blue/green deployment and infrastructure for A/B testing.
  • We also pay special attention to server infrastructure costs, ensuring its efficient utilization.

AI, Algorithm Research And Development

  • We will devise solutions to address your challenges, taking your constraints into consideration. If a direct solution does not exist, we will propose compromise or alternative approaches to help you achieve your goals.
  • Our researchers, equipped with advanced mathematical backgrounds, are capable of experimenting, combining, and creating new approaches to solving diverse challenges. They skillfully merge classical algorithms with AI methodologies to achieve innovative solutions.
  • We have experience leveraging AI/ML to address various challenges, including pattern or image recognition, sentiment analysis, and more. We also have extensive experience utilizing modern generative networks.

Complex Web UI Development

We excel at creating genuinely complex interfaces, such as WYSIWYG editors or IDEs for various domain-specific languages.
For example:
  • We have developed a web-based mathematical formula editor that understands their meaning and provides feedback.
  • We've developed an editor for electrical substations that enables designing with constraints in mind.
  • We have implemented multiple consoles for managing various network hardware.
  • We've created an interface for interactive electronic math analysis tutoring and much more.
Our work is characterized by user-friendliness, efficient resource utilization, high performance, coherent architecture, and clean code.

Performance Testing

Over our 20 years of experience, we've gained substantial expertise in performance testing, now offered as a standalone service.
We are capable of:
  • Generating a predefined load on your system using requests similar to those it will encounter in real-world scenarios.
  • Measuring its performance, as well as the resources consumed during operation under load.
  • Recording actual requests received by your system during its operation and subjecting it to the same requests, but in significantly larger quantities, to simulate real-world load.
  • Providing a comprehensive report on how your system behaves under load.