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We develop unique software that fits your needs

Working with us you get guaranteed results

We have been in the custom software development business since 2002. We are a solution provider for technology companies in Western Europe, the USA, and Israel. We have done dozens of large-scale projects and plenty of smaller projects of various complexity during these years and always achieved our clients' goals.

We have offices in Armenia and Israel, speak your language, and work according to the schedule that is convenient to you.

We design and create high-tech software systems with complex business logic that other software developers often consider difficult, even impossible, to build


Development process


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The process of working with us is transparent and predictable

How we work toward a goal

By developing a custom software solution we help our clients achieve their business goals. Understanding the business goals enables us to design a system, select technologies and components, plan the development process and delivery of the result so that the client gets the maximum of what is feasible.

How we make the development process transparent

We use agile development methodologies and deliver the result to the client after every sprint, which lasts 2-3 weeks depending on the project. We involve the client in planning and prioritizing sprint tasks and in the process of continuous result review. During the project, we make sure to keep in constant touch with the client to receive immediate feedback. This allows us to approach the result the client wants step by step and make adjustments to the vision of the product during the development process as quickly as possible.

How we ensure quality at all stages of the project

We carefully analyze the project to understand both the strategic goals and the goals of each stage.
We work within a holistic vision of the product.
We design the architecture and select components and technologies based on the goals and requirements of the project.
We follow code and architecture quality best practices. We build a process of code and architecture quality control.
We build a multi-stage QA process depending on the requirements of a project. We develop a test model of the project with a description of all test cases. We conduct functional testing, load testing, penetration testing. We test the product in different environments and configurations. Certain parts of the project are covered by automated tests.
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