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Scaling A Medical Company

A medical company in the orthodontics sector encountered a bottleneck - the limited productivity of technicians held back its growth. Faced with a shortage of qualified specialists and the time-consuming, costly nature of training, the company turned to SCD to help them partially automate their work processes. Our solution resulted in a significant increase in technician productivity.

Scaling A LiDAR Manufacturing Company

The client, involved in Lidar production, faced a bottleneck in business development related to the software processing of raw Lidar data. The multi-stage processing would often take several hours, with frequent errors and the need for extensive manual tracking and management. We addressed this challenge by developing a system that enables users to configure a graph of activities with dependencies, and automatically complete the whole processing workflow. This includes transmitting results between activities, restarting crashed activities, and visualizing the current progress.

Scaling A University

The client, a university seeking to implement remote learning to expand student enrollment, turned to SCD to help them provide educational services online. The goal was to develop a software system that would efficiently manage the online learning process, deliver educational content tailored to individual learning curves, control the knowledge, and address technical concerns such as preventing assistance during exams. The developed learning management system supports a hierarchy of educational materials, facilitates assigning them to students based on a group number and year, and automates teacher and methodologist workflows. Students receive educational materials in a specific order to do a variety of assignments and tests. Thanks to our solution, the university saw a significant increase of 5,000 students.

Scaling An Advertising Agency

The client, an advertising agency tasked with placing client advertisements across various platforms, faced a bottleneck involving the manual placement and maintenance of ads across these platforms as their business expanded. The client had accumulated enough experience to automate these processes through programmatic advertising and we successfully helped them achieve this goal.

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