Learning Management System

Learning Management System

We have developed a software solution to remote education for Siberian State University of Geosystems and Technologies. The system allows the University to admit a greater number of students by providing online education services.
Java, Wicket, Spring framework
5 man-years


The governance of the University wanted to increase the number of its students by delivering educational services online. It required developing a software system that would manage the online learning process, providing each student with educational materials in the correct order according to their learning curves and controlling their knowledge. There were also some technical issues to solve, like ensuring nobody is assisting students during an exam.


We have created a learning management system that supports a hierarchy of educational materials, facilitates assigning them to students based on a group number and year, and automates teachers and methodologists’ work.

Students receive educational materials in a specific order and do various assignments and tests.

The system has enabled the University to increase the number of its students by 5,000.

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