IT Consulting

We leverage our expertise to contribute to your success.

Expert Architecture Review for Complex Distributed Systems

If you or your contractor have developed the architecture for a complex distributed system, seeking an additional perspective from experts can give you more confidence in the correctness of your decisions, help explore alternative options, and mitigate risks. Our software architects, with over 15 years of experience, are ready to provide expert review services.

Reducing IT Infrastructure Costs

If your monthly cloud charges exceed $3k, there's a potential for significant cloud cost reduction. Additionally, if your configuration has become overly complex and inconvenient for day-to-day operations, we can assist in simplifying it.
Are you unsure whether there is room for improvement?
Get in touch with us. We'll review your setup to explore the possibility to reduce your IT infrastructure costs. We provide the initial assessment free of charge.

Setting Up and Improving CI/CD Pipelines with Various Tools

We help configure CI/CD pipelines using various tools such as GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket, Terraform, and Kubernetes. We can also analyze and enhance existing pipelines - simplifying them, increasing their reliability and manageability. Sometimes, we can even reduce ownership costs.

Experienced Software Architects and Mathematicians Ready to Solve Your Unique Challenges

Software architects with over 15 years of experience in developing complex distributed systems and mathematicians specializing in traditional and AI-based algorithms are prepared to engage in solving your unique challenges.