Developing a System for Distributing Confidential Documents

Developing a System for Distributing Confidential Documents

A consulting agency provided banks with access to advanced reports on various insurance companies and products. We were to develop a system that would meet its stringent requirements for information protection.
Banking and Finance
Java, Wicket, Spring framework, Eclipselink, Apache Jackrabbit
<= 1 man-year


Our client operated with a large number of confidential documents. Their business lay in providing paid access to valuable analytical documents. They wanted to automate providing their clients with paid access to those as well as managing that access. Their main concern was to prevent confidential information from leaking.


We developed a solution featured to provide flexible access to the documents. The main challenge was to get it certified according to the third-party security regulations. We spent a significant effort running multiple penetration tests and fixing all potential security issues, including incredibly minor ones.

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