Swiss Job Portal

The Swiss Job Portal project targets the German-speaking market, featuring automatic data updates from external websites. Additionally, it involves promoting job listings on various platforms based on the specialization.
Human Resources
Docker, Elasticsearch, Typescript, React.js, MongoDB, Postgesql, Spring Boot, Java, Tomcat
3.4 man/year


Updating an existing software system posed a set of challenges for the Swiss job portal. The system with outdated versions of libraries and databases required modernization. And the old interface for vacancy management posed usability challenges for both administrators and users. Monitoring the system's health and performance in real-time was an essential yet missing component.


To solve this challenge, we migrated to new database versions and updated libraries, leveraging Java, Spring Boot, Elasticsearch, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL. The integration of Grafana, Loki, and Prometheus brought real-time monitoring. As a result, we created a new, user-friendly interface for the vacancy management system.