Raw Lidar Data Processing

Teledyne Optech, involved in lidar manufacturing, encountered challenges in processing raw lidar data from lidar scanners. Such operations are time-consuming as they are performed in a specific order and can crash in the process, requiring a restart with a new set of parameters. SCD developed a software solution to control the process, automatically restarting failed operations as needed. This solution streamlined the lidar data processing workflow, ensuring stability and efficiency.
Industrial Sector
Java, Eclipse RCP
2 man/year


Teledyne Optech, a leading Canadian company in the development and manufacture of lidar and imaging-based survey instruments, required a software solution for processing raw LiDAR data. The complex processing involved multiple activities performed sequentially, some of which could crash in the middle. As a result, the entire processing required a lot of manual tracking and management.


SCD designed and implemented a comprehensive system for Teledyne Optech, enabling system users to configure a graph of activities with dependencies and automatically complete the whole processing. The system allows to seamlessly transmit the results of one activity to another, restart crashed activities and provides real-time visualization of the ongoing progress.