Automated Recruitment Solution

We developed an automated recruitment solution for a geographically distributed bank to monitor the entire recruitment process, budget, and efficiency.
Human Resources
Spring Boot, Java
0.5 man/year


The goal of this project was to develop a self-optimizing recruitment process tailored for large geographically distributed organizations.


The developed system enables the assignment of tasks to recruit a certain number of individuals with specific competencies for a particular branch of the company. It monitors the entire recruiting process, budget, and efficiency. The system accumulates data on what advertising tools and recruiting methods work best for each type of vacancy and selects the optimal recruiting methods for each specific case.

It can optimize the recruiting process based on factors such as budget, specialist quality, and recruitment speed. Additionally, the recruitment system takes into account the expected capacity of every advertising channel and, if necessary, closes a large number of vacancies at once, using not only the most optimal but also alternative channels.