The Semantic Editor of Math Formulas

The semantic editor of math formulas is an online editor capable of semantically processing a manually entered mathematical formula and recognizing its meaning. The editor is integrated with several server-side components that provide additional features, such as symbolic formula manipulation, plotting, and numeric calculation.
3 man/year


There are two major challenges in math education for software development to solve:

  1. Offering users the ability to enter and edit math formulas seamlessly from both PC and mobile devices, imitating the ease of paper-based writing.
  2. Providing a software solution capable of recognizing the meaning of manually entered formulas for further manipulations.

The latter is particularly complex as recognizing common mathematical notions requires context-dependent language processing. Moreover, humans tend to make mistakes which in turn complicate the recognition of the entered data.


SCD has successfully addressed both challenges by developing an online math formula editor with the following features:

  1. User-friendliness and Accessibility: The editor is accessible on both PC and mobile devices, providing users with a seamless experience for entering and editing math formulas.
  2. Error Detection and Feedback: The system detects and highlights mistakes in the entered formulas, offering users meaningful feedback.
  3. Translating Entered Formulas to Context-Free Language: The editor translates entered formulas into a strict context-free language, making it machine-readable. This capability enables integration with several open-source libraries, allowing symbolic and numeric mathematical transformation and plotting.

The product can be seamlessly integrated into any system requiring the editing, recognition, and manipulation of mathematical formulas.