Software Tool for Tracking Competitors’ Activities

We have created a custom competitor monitoring software solution for monitoring and analyzing the websites of Henkel's competitors. The system allows real-time tracking of their competitors' marketing activities.
Java, Spring Framework
0.5 man/year


Henkel required a custom software solution to track the marketing activities on approximately a hundred competitors' websites. However, manual tracking was too time-consuming and prone to human errors. As a result, Henkel required a tool that would help them automate the competitor monitoring process.


We developed a system that helped monitor Henkel's competitors’ websites on a daily basis, tracking modifications, additions, or deletions of pages. This significantly reduced the information load for humans to analyze. One of the challenges that we faced while working on this project was configuring the system to classify the page changes and filter out non-significant ones (for example, the date of publication may change at any point in time, which may not indicate an actual page modification).