AI-Based Calculus Tutor

We have developed an intelligent AI-based math eLearning system to help students master the skills and knowledge needed for calculus problem-solving. The system guides users through each step of the process towards the solution and provides timely feedback in the same way a human teacher would.
Java, AWS, Docker, React.js, Vue.js, Typescript, Angular
52 man/year


We have developed an intelligent E-learning system that imitates the responsibilities of university professors and graders—assigning homework, assessing students' progress, providing them with valuable feedback, and checking the results.

Noticeable sub-challenges:

  • Creating an Artificial Intelligence-based system capable of understanding the meaning of math problem solutions provided in a free form.
  • Creating a web interface that enables entering mathematical problem solutions in a free form online and then "translate" them to the strict (context-free) language to be processed by the AI.


The AI component was developed by mathematicians affiliated with universities in the U.S.A.

The software engineers at SCD have designed a mathematical formula editor and seamlessly incorporated it the AI system.

We have also developed the business logic for the system and successfully integrated it with the systems of various universities so that the solution can be used in the educational process.

The product is currently being used by over ten universities in the United States.