The Semantic Editor of Math Formulas

The Semantic Editor of Math Formulas

The semantic editor of math formulas is an online editor capable of semantic processing of a manually entered mathematical formula and recognizing its meaning. The editor is integrated with several server side components that provide additional features, such as symbolic formula manipulation, plotting, and numeric calculation.
Fast-check, TypeScript, Webpack
3 man-years


There are two major problems in math education software development to solve:

  1. Providing users with the option to enter and edit math formulas from their PC and mobile devices as easily as they do it on paper
  2. Providing a software solution that recognizes the meaning of a manually entered formula for further manipulations

The latter is not easy to solve since the recognition of common mathematical notions requires context-dependent language processing. Moreover, humans tend to make mistakes, which complicates the recognition of the entered data even more.


We have developed an online math formula editor that solves both of the problems:

  1. It is user-friendly and accessible: it works both on PC and mobile devices and allows users to enter and edit math formulas. It detects and highlights mistakes in the formulas and provides meaningful feedback.
  2. It translates the entered formulas into a strict context-free language suitable for machines to read. Thus, we have been able to integrate it with several open source libraries, allowing symbolic and numeric mathematical transformation and plotting.

The product is ready to be built into any system that requires editing, recognizing, and manipulating math formulas.

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