Java Launcher for MS Azure

Java Launcher for MS Azure

We have developed a software that allows running and managing Java applications on MS Azure via our API. The same API provides the option of managing Java machines: to install several JVM versions and choose which machine should be used for a particular Java application.
Information Technologies
C#, Java, MS Azure, .Net
<= 1 man-year


LoadStorm company, a client of ours, developed a solution for software stress testing. The solution ran in the cloud that allowed generating a lot of load for testing the capability of a third-party application to handle it. The stress-testing software was developed using Java and initially ran on Google Cloud Platform via Google App Engine.

When Microsoft started offering Azure services for a very competitive price, LoadStorm decided to migrate its solution to the Azure cloud to save the cost. Unfortunately, MS Azure had no native support for Java code.


We have created our own REST API on top of the Azure API. It allows users to upload and manage Java machines as well as to upload, start, stop, and check any Java application’s running status using any of the uploaded JVM with any parameters. It has allowed our client to run their solution on MS Azure and reduce their expenses.

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