Raw Lidar Data Processing

Raw Lidar Data Processing

Processing raw data from the lidars requires a lot of heavyweight operations performed in a specific order. Such operations take hours to execute, as some of them are not stable and may crash in the middle, requiring a restart with a new set of parameters. We have developed a software solution to control this process and automatically restart the failed operations when required.
Industrial Sector
Java, Eclipse RCP
2 man-years


Optech, a Canadian lidar manufacturer, needed a software solution capable of processing raw data from the lidar scanners.

The processing was carried out by various activities performed in a certain sequence. Some of the activities might crash during the processing. So, the whole process required a lot of manual tracking and management.


We have developed a system that allows its users to configure a graph of activities with their dependencies and automatically complete the whole processing, transmitting the results of one activity to another, restarting crashed activities, and visualizing the current progress.

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