Online Financial Consultant

Online Financial Consultant

This is a software solution for substituting human financial consultancy services that advises what financial instruments (ETF) one should sell or buy to achieve a specific goal.
Banking and Finance
Western Europe
Java, Elasticsearch, AWS
14 man-years


Investing in financial instruments requires investment experience and entails potential losses for those who have none. To reduce risks, people have to hire financial consultants.

But there is still a problem: how to select an affordable yet professional consultant?


We have found a solution to this problem by developing an online financial consultancy service.

Based on stock market quotations and professional financial consultants’ recommendations, the system provides personalized recommendations on what to sell and buy on an everyday basis in order to achieve the predefined goal.

The system includes components for portfolio monitoring and financial analysis, providing broad functionality for automating all investment activities.

The system has been working steadily for many years.

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