Research and Development for the EdTech industry

SCD is a company that develops complex custom software.

One of our main specializations is EdTech.

Our offer

We offer the development of software products in the field of EdTech and their integration into existing infrastructure. We actively use our own technologies and existing software components.

Our key expertise is understanding the needs of customers, conducting research, solving non-trivial problems, selecting suitable technologies and implementing high-quality solutions within the time frame required by the business.

We have vast experience working with EdTech companies and universities. We have developed a set of our own technologies for the industry.

Our service

We offer a full cycle research and development service to create new software products or extend existing software infrastructure in the educational area.



  • We select or develop, and then test and compare approaches to solving non-trivial problems.
  • For example, from the field of working with big data, AI, ML (data classification, forecasting, anomaly detection,etc) and other non-trivial problem areas.
  • We also create and test technological prototypes to assess hypothesis viability, performance limits, and other parameters of a future software system.


  • For 20 years we have been developing software solutions for specific tasks, such as automating specific business processes, developing unique algorithms, collecting and transforming data from various sources, creating analytical reports based on them, and much more.
  • Our distinction is that we start by analyzing the problem area together with the customer, then offer a solution, create project documentation, implement the system and further develop it, receiving feedback from its users, as well as new goals from business owners.

SCD unique EdTech technologies

We developed two own technologies to use in our educational projects.

Math formula editor

Math formula editor lets users enter and edit formulas.

Its main value is understanding the formula's meaning.

The editor is the first class interface between people who need to work with familiar formula notation and specialized math software that needs strict input.
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System for conducting online classes

The system combines a virtual whiteboard and online videoconferencing to create an environment for online group lessons.

The classroom has whiteboards, notebooks, and supports the processes adopted from offline classes. The teacher manages the whole process.

This system can be used as is or we can also use its components (such as API-driven video conferencing) to integrate with other software products or to create a new product.

AI based Calculus tutor

The idea of the project is to create a tool that enables the teaching of calculus, especially how to solve problems. Many platforms can tell if you got the correct answer for the math problem, but no one can tell you why you didn’t.

There were three main challenges. First - allow students to enter a solution in free-form how he/she usually does it on paper. Like writing math expressions, plotting graphs, adding tables and so on.

Second, transform the solution into the strict math language, as there are a lot of ambiguities in math that depend on topic, context, etc.

And finally, analyze the solution to provide valuable feedback for the student. It includes not only showing arithmetic errors or typos but also understanding the whole approach used by the student and providing hints if he is stuck.

We have succeeded in all three challenges, and now this platform is used in Arizona State University and some other major universities in the USA.

The project is still active - we continue adding new features as well as integrating it with new customer’s infrastructure.

Customer’s feedback can be found here. (Please find the “Custom Software Development for Educational Software Company” project)

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