Image Recognition

Image recognition

We create artificial intelligence software to achieve image recognition

Our software will find almost everything your eyes can

We work with 2D images as well as with 3D models. Our team includes qualified software engineers and data scientists from the Sobolev Institute of Mathematics. The scientists are winners of Kaggle competitions and authors of unique approaches to several data science problems.

Application Examples


Computer Vision

  • Finding particular objects in photos and pictures
  • Finding and classifying all the objects present in a set of images

Optimizing Medical Imaging

  • Detecting medical anomalies in human organs
  • Determining organ allocation boundaries
  • Performing diagnostics and risk evaluation

Image Classification

  • Identifying objects in an image
  • Classifying images into categories


  • We can develop software for detecting and identifying any objects in 2D images and 3D models. All we need is data to train it.

What We Can Do for You

The development process includes 3 phases:

Ensuring feasibility

We will analyze your problem and determine if it has a feasible solution.

Is there enough data (including those from the public domain) to train our software?
Are there technologies capable of solving the problem?
Can we reach the required performance and accuracy?
This phase takes 2-3 days. We do not invoice them.

Conducting a process research

We will remove technical risks and prepare the project estimates.
We will select the technologies and implement one or more prototypes. We will find a workable approach to solving the problem. We will document this approach and provide you with the results along with the budget and calendar estimations of the development of a production-ready solution.
This phase lasts 2-3 weeks.

Developing a production-ready solution

We will develop a production-ready solution.
The final solution consists of two parts: a command-line application for AI training and a web service to ensure its real-time operation.
We can integrate the solution with your IT infrastructure or provide it as a service supplied with documentation.
We do this one according to the estimations agreed upon at the second stage.
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