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Below is the summary of the several projects we have done, including their budgets.

Building a Warehouse for Big Data on Bloggers’ Activity

The idea behind the startup was to create a tool for the optimal selection of blogs suitable for a particular advertising campaign. The idea was to collect statistics (about 300 million entries) on the activity of a large number of bloggers.

We were to create a fast tool for selecting the most suitable bloggers based on specified criteria and searching for those who promoted a particular product or brand (which is important for business intelligence and analytics).

We chose ELK as data storage because the client needed fast (about one second per request) access to high volumes of data. We developed a Java-based backend and a React-based frontend.

Hourly rates: 40 USD

Budget: 39,000 USD

Circuit Diagram Maker

The startup’s idea was to create an online circuit diagram editor that allows you to design electrical substations. Its purpose was to automate routine time-consuming operations, such as selecting equipment locations and cabling methods. The tool was to perform automated diagram validation and ensure that diagrams meet the standards.

One of the project challenges was to explore the professional area of our client. It took us three weeks to analyze and document the requirements in the form of software requirements specification as well as to create and document the product architecture.

We conducted research to select the appropriate components for specific tasks, such as automated cabling.

Hourly rates: 40 USD

Budget: 100,000 USD

Software Solution for Determining Organ Allocation Boundaries

Manual search for organ allocation boundaries using images takes a lot of time. A company contacted us asking if it was possible to develop a solution that would be able to determine human organ allocation automatically.

We subcontracted part of the research to a specialized research institute that helped us discover an approach to solving the client's problem. The study took three weeks and cost $5,000.

We developed a solution using the discovered approach. The problem specifics made it clear that the solution should be based on the use of neural networks. So, we developed a product using the Python language and TensorFlow. Since the client planned to integrate the solution with other information systems, we designed it as a microservice. The client came up with a few more tasks for us to solve. As a result, we developed multiple microservices for solving different image recognition problems that could be integrated with any external system.

Hourly rates: 40 USD

Budget: 40,000 USD (including 5,000 USD spent on research).

Automated Recruitment Solution for Geographically Distributed Organizations

The idea behind the startup was to develop a self-optimizing recruiting process for large geographically distributed organizations. The system allows you to set tasks for recruiting a certain number of people with specific competencies for a specific branch of the company and monitor the whole recruiting process, budget, and efficiency. The system accumulates data on what advertising tools and recruiting methods work best for each type of vacancy and selects the optimal recruiting methods for each specific case. It can optimize the recruiting process according to the recruiting budget, quality of specialists, and recruiting speed. The system takes into account the expected capacity of every advertising channel and, if it is necessary to close a large number of vacancies at once, uses not only the most optimal (although limited in volume) channel but other channels, too.

Hourly rates: 40 USD

Budget: 104,000 USD

The Semantic Editor of Math Formulas

The semantic editor of math formulas is an online editor capable of semantic processing of a manually entered mathematical formula and recognizing its meaning.

The editor is user-friendly and accessible: it works both on PC and mobile devices and allows users to enter and edit math formulas. It detects and highlights mistakes in the formulas and provides meaningful feedback.

It translates the entered formulas into a strict context-free language suitable for machines to read. Thus, we have been able to integrate it with several open source libraries, allowing symbolic and numeric mathematical transformation and plotting.

Hourly rates: 40 USD

Budget: 52,000 USD

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