Turning Calculus into a One-of-a-Kind Experience

Calculus tutor

Being part of a larger development team, we created an intelligent math eLearning system to help students acquire the skills and knowledge needed for solving calculus problems. The system prompts users step-by-step towards the solution and provides timely feedback just like a human teacher would.
Java, Spring, AngularJS, VueJS
50 man-years


We needed to create a system that would imitate the work of university professors and graders: setting home assignments, analyzing students’ progress, providing them with valuable feedback, and checking the results.

Noticeable subproblems:

  1. Creating an artificial intelligence that would understand the meaning of math problem solutions provided in a free form.
  2. Developing a web interface that would allow entering a math problem solution online in a free form and "translate" it to the strict (context-free) language for the AI to process.


The AI part has been developed by the mathematicians from USA universities.

We have developed a math formula editor and integrated it with the AI.

We have also developed the business logic of the system and integrated it with the universities’ systems so that the solution can be used in the educational process.

The product is currently used by more than ten US universities.

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