About SCD

About SCD

We are a professional team that can develop complex products and possess the knowledge of an extensive range of technologies.

Excellent education and quality experience

Our main office resides in Yerevan, Armenia. Our team is geographically distributed, and today it is located in 4 countries of the world. All our specialists have university degrees in information technology or applied mathematics. Everyone speaks English.

Such an education level provides an excellent base in programming language theory, the theory of algorithms, operations research, discrete mathematics, application architecture, and other disciplines. This base is fundamental for acquiring further practical experience in developing reliable, high-quality software solutions. It is also the necessary minimum one has to possess to join our team as a Software Engineer.

Our team

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20% of our developers have 1 to 2 years of work experience
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50% of our developers have been working for about 5 years in this field
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30% of our developers are Senior Developers and Technical Leaders who have been working in this field for over 5 years

Guiding Principles for Competence Development

Our main focus in training our specialists is to help them learn how to solve problems effectively and efficiently. To form this focus, we organized the following :

  • the process of analyzing the existing practices in the software development industry;
  • the practice of implementing the best of them in our projects;
  • the system of professional mentoring and experience exchange between the senior and junior developers of our company and between the project teams.

The most important capital in our industry is people: their knowledge, skills, and motivation for creating good products. And this is what we possess, cherish, and cultivate.

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