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What to expect?

  • Honesty and transparency are fundamental principles guiding all our interactions within the company.

  • Pleasant and flexible work environment: the entire environment and work processes are adjusted to meet the project goals of our clients.

  • Software engineers have the opportunity to engage in diverse projects spanning various industries, each presenting unique processes, technologies, and dynamics.

  • Perfect opportunity for continuous learning, enabling engineers to master new technologies, approaches, and concepts.

  • We prioritize the quality of the achieved result - in terms of architecture, code, the effectiveness of decisions made in projects and overall operational efficiency.

We possess a professional team distinguished by a high level of technical expertise. Our solutions are held to the highest quality standards.

How Do We Select Candidates for Open Vacancies?

First of all, we put great emphasis on the analytical skills of the candidate. For software developers, we delegate tasks related to analytics and algorithms.

Additionally, we assign a test task. The execution of this task serves as a reflection of the candidate's thought processes, priorities, and approaches.

When evaluating the candidate, it is pivotal to us to measure the candidate's comprehension of the concepts, objectives, and methodologies involved in completing the task.

What matters to us is the candidate's emphasis on the outcome rather than the process, and their ability to identify goals and prioritize the essential aspects.

Working Process at SCD

During the initial two months, all employees undergo an official probationary period without any reduction in salary.

Typically, new software development hires are integrated into existing projects with established practices, a defined code base, and supportive teams, facilitating their adjustment to the company. This phase allows us to assess their capabilities, work preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. Based on this evaluation, we collaboratively outline professional development paths and identify preferred project types.

Teams for new projects are assembled from employees who have worked in the company for a while. This makes it possible to form a team taking into account the characteristics and preferences of each person.

Work schedules are project-specific, requiring presence at the workplace during certain hours for collaborative problem-solving. However, employees have flexibility in planning their working hours, with the option to work remotely on some days in agreement with the manager. The time worked is recorded in the tracker.

Vacation requests must be submitted to the manager at least one month in advance. Students can arrange vacations during sessions and exam weeks at their own expense.