Web Console for Server Infrastructure Monitoring

We have developed a web frontend for an advanced hardware monitoring system designed for large data centers and hosting providers. Our frontend provides real-time visualization of a set of signals.
Information Technologies
Java, Google Web Tools
5 man/year


Indeni, an Israeli startup at the time, approached us with a brilliant idea to create a server infrastructure monitoring system and had a highly skilled software engineering team onboard to execute its backend development.

However, their team did not include any frontend developers. So, we were asked to create a frontend for the system Indeni had developed which would display lots of information in different forms real-time. Our challenge was to create a console that would provide rarely changed information faster than the backend was capable.


We successfully developed both a frontend and a sophisticated caching system. This ensures that all visualized data accurately represents the system state at a specific point in time, and all visualized parameters are time-bound.