Educational Material Distribution System

We have created an educational material distribution system for a Dutch educational publishing company. This system distributes diverse teaching and learning materials through a network of websites tailored specifically for several Western European countries, ensuring compliance with national laws and cultural specifics of each region.
Java, Spring Framework
11 man/year


We collaborated with Infinitas Learning, a prominent Dutch publishing company that distributes educational materials to various educational institutions across several European countries. We were asked to implement a system of national distribution portals integrated with centralized CRM and warehousing software. The primary challenge involved developing portals tailored to national market specifics while following the business logic of the whole project, and then implement them as parts of one software system with centralized CRM and warehousing.


We successfully developed a comprehensive software system to manage a network of distribution portals with partially overlapping business logic that supports multiple languages and a complex system of educational material distribution. Each website is tailored to the unique requirements and specifics of each country it was developed for, ensuring compliance with regional procurement regulations.