We collaborated with WhoIsBlogger, an influencer advertising agency, to develop a custom software tool for the optimal selection of blogs to run specific advertising campaigns.
Java, React.js, Elasticsearch
0.5 man/year


The client approached SCD with a request to create a system for the optimal selection of blogs for a specific advertising campaign. The end goal was to find bloggers who would promote their clients' products/services. The challenge was to gather statistics (about 300 million entries) on the activities of a substantial number of bloggers. However, researching manually would be too time-consuming and prone to human error.


Our task was to create a fast tool for selecting the most suitable bloggers based on specified criteria and identifying those who promoted a particular product or brand (which was important for business intelligence and analytics).

To achieve fast access to high volumes of data (about one second per request), we opted for ELK as the data storage solution. The system consists of a Java-based backend and a React-based frontend.

In the end, the tool helped to gather and research 300 mln+ blog posts in total, select essential keywords from their client’s advertising materials, and essentially find the most suitable blogger/influencer to promote their products.