Frontend for a Hotel Booking Website

Splitty Travel

We developed a modern frontend for an existing hotel booking website without making changes to its backend. The main reason for replacing the existing frontend was the need to make it mobile-friendly and increase its load speed.
Docker, TypeScript, React.js, Puppeteer, Bitbucket, Pipelines
1 man-years


Splitty Travel, an innovative website for booking hotels, had been working for years before their owners decided its existing UI had become a bit outdated. They hired us to completely rewrite the system frontend, keeping the existing backend, to make the system mobile-friendly and achieve a score of at least 90 on Google PageSpeed Insights.


We rewrote the website frontend using React.js and TypeScript. While doing so, we developed a lot of integration and speed tests using Puppeteer that allowed us to ensure the system load time did not suddenly degrade. To decrease the website load time, we applied several techniques, such as converting it into a PWA, heavily applying lazy loading, analyzing, and optimizing the sizes of its distributions.

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