Web Console for Server Infrastructure Monitoring

Web Console for Server Infrastructure Monitoring

We have developed a web frontend for a complex hardware monitoring system designed for large data centers and hosting providers. The frontend we have made visualizes a set of signals in real time.
Information Technologies
Java, GWT
5 man-years


Indeni, an Israeli startup at that time, had a great idea about creating a server infrastructure monitoring system and very good engineers onboard to implement its backend.

However, their team did not include any frontend developers. They requested us to create a frontend for the system they had developed that could provide various information in different forms in real time. We were challenged to create a console that would provide some rarely changed information faster than the backend was capable of.


We have developed both a frontend and a complex caching system that ensures all the visualized data represent the system state at a certain point in time and all the visualized parameters are time bound.

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