Big Data Solutions

Big Data Solutions

These are solutions for companies that have accumulated a large amount of data over the years.

The analysis of these data helps to identify hidden patterns that can be used in making business decisions.

This is not the only advantage of data analysis: creating a model of data patterns and regularities enables you to make forecasts and solve optimization problems.

Big data technologies have an extensive field of application. Here are some examples of using these technologies in business.

Problem Examples

Sales Performance Optimization

We conduct customer analysis and investigation of customers’ behavior over the years. On this basis, we segment customers into groups, so we can predict a new client getting into one of these groups according to a set of parameters and also predict their buying behavior. We can provide your sales team with recommendations on the customers that are worth focusing on and the sales tactics that would work best on them.

Demand Forecasting

We analyze the demand for the previous years and make forecast models that allow you to keep an optimal amount of goods in stock.

Warranty Department Optimization

We can analyze data on warranty cases: product models, manufacturers, customers, types of defects, time of year, and a lot of other hidden influential factors. Based on the identified patterns, you can optimize the product range and warranty conditions, minimizing the warranty expenses.

Financial Fraud Detection

We can analyze the financial transactions of your customers, determine the basic parameters of their individual behavior, and detect transactions atypical of what is expected from them. We can also identify complex cases with fraudulent schemes that violate the law.

What We Offer

Data Cleansing

Usually, the data accumulated over the years in different systems contain duplicates, inaccuracies, have no consistent and logical model. We do data cleansing, create a repository with clean data, and correct connections between them.

Software Development

We automate specific business processes of the company, using all the information received from the data.

Data Modelling

Based on the data, we create a model, identify hidden patterns, make forecasts, and solve optimization problems.

We Cooperate with the Institute of Mathematics of SB RAS

Applied mathematics allows solving applied problems:

  • Identifying big data patterns and making forecasts
  • Recognizing video and audio information
  • Optimizing multidimensional processes such as creating schedules, managing product ranges and controlling stocks, etc.

We cooperate with laboratories of the Institute of Mathematics, which enables us to use models and algorithms that have won prizes in the international data science team competitions in our working on the projects for our clients.

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